Boon Brewery Oude Geuze Lambic 7.0% ABV 2018/19 (375ml)  £4.59

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Oude Geuze Lambic 7.0% ABV 2018/19 (375ml)

Oude Geuze Boon is a taste classic and has an alcohol volume of 7%. It consists of 90% mellow, 18 month-old lambic; 5% characterful, 3 year-old beer; and 5% very young lambic, which provides fermentable sugars and viable yeasts. All BOON beers are matured in oak casks (“foeders”). Blending occurs in a 25,000 litre blending tank, where the lambic mixture is stored cold. During bottling, the lambic is returned to the fermentation temperature. Secondary fermentation occurs in an air-conditioned room. After bottle conditioning, lambic is dubbed “old geuze”, and after several months of fermentation it obtains its fine flavour.

Taste with care and discover the fruity grapefruit and cheese-like flavour with a touch of Muscat grapes. Let yourself be pleasantly surprised by the round body. The sour mellowness and touches of dry oak are characteristic. The colour is light-yellow/amber, crowned with a firm head. The aftertaste is long, dry and intense. Old geuze is a Guaranteed Traditional Speciality – recognized throughout Europe.

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