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Bullhouse was founded by Willy Mayne in March 2016. It was the culmination of many years of dedication and research into the history and culture of beer as well as a solid homebrewing foundation.

The brewery began as a hobby business, brewing on old dairy tanks that had been converted into a 500L brewhouse in a former bull pen on Willy's family farm just outside Belfast, Northern Ireland.

In March 2018, Mick began helping on brewdays and with deliveries. The brewery as it's own entity began trading in July 2018, and another milestone came in December 2018 with the arrival of Frank & Cecil, the first two unitanks.

We're always working on ways to limit waste and become as environmentally friendly as a brewery can be. We're proud to have a couple of firsts.

  • The first NI brewery to package in cans.

  • The first NI brewery to purchase our own canning line.​

The brewery began to take up more and more time, so Willy moved to a job that allowed flexible working, starting at 7am and finishing earlier to get a batch brewed in the evening. This became unsustainable and in September 2017 Willy left full-time employment to work on the brewery full-time. Two months later the move was vindicated with The Dankness picking up Champion Beer at Belfast Beer & Cider Festival 2017.​


Bullhouse Brew Co X Beer Hut Double Dip Sour DIPA 8.0% ABV
Bullhouse Brew Co Residents Only IPA 7.2% ABV
Bullhouse Brew Co Small Axe Session IPA 4.3% ABV
Bullhouse Brew Co Rolling Papers IPA 5.5% ABV