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Add the most eco-friendly transit packaging we have to your order, to minimise your impact on the environment.  This Pulp-Tech packaging is made using 100% recycled cardboard, which in turn is 100% recyclable and even better, is made in the UK which helps reduces carbon footprint.

At the moment this is an additional charge to cover the extra costs involved in eco-friendly packaging but we hope in time to be able to minimise or get rid of the surcharge altogether.  

This is a voluntary addition to your order and you are under no obligation to take part in this scheme.  By not adding this to your order, you will continue to have your order shipped in extremely safe low-density plastic Air Safe bags and cardboard boxes.  The Air Safe themselves are recyclable with household plastic bags.

- These are not for individual resale and can only be added to orders along with wines/spirits.  I.e they do not ship empty.

- These are only suitable for standard-sized wine and spirit bottles (750ml Bordeaux and Burgundy shapes) and not odd-shaped or sized items.   If added and we are unable to safely pack your items in the box, they will be removed and refunded and our standard packaging used.

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