Kopke Colheita Tawny Port 1960 750ml  £220.00

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Kopke Colheita Tawny Port 1960 750ml

Every wine tells a story. Kopke’s Colheitas, however, tell a unique story. To taste a wine is to taste history and, in the case of this 1960 Colheita, it means remembering a remarkable event like the foundation of Brasilia as the capital of Brazil, designed by the architect Oscar Niemeyer.

The manufacturing process includes stopping the wort fermentation by adding wine spirit (benefit or brandy), blending wines and ageing. Fermentation in oil presses with skin maceration and pumping over at a temperature of 29ºC until reaching the desired Baumé, adding spirit in this phase. High-quality wine from a single harvest. It ages in wood for variable periods of time, never less than 7 years, and then bottled according to market requests.

A deep brown colour, with a garnet rim. An elegant and complex nose, with prevailing notes of dried fruit, cocoa and subtle hints of snuff and wood. In the mouth, it is silky, enveloping and slightly unctuous. Powerful and deep, with extraordinary structure and a long, delicious finish.

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