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Method and Madness

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Method and Madness Single Pot Still Finished in Virgin Hungarian Oak
Method and Madness Single Malt Enhanced with French Limousin Oak
Method and Madness Single Grain Finished in Virgin Spanish Oak
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METHOD AND MADNESS is a whiskey brand hatched from the minds of the Masters and Apprentices of Midleton Distillery. Our foundation of shared knowledge is unique to the Midleton. When great minds collide, incredible creations can emerge. At Midleton, our Master and Apprentice relationship runs deep, with generations of know how meshing with restless curiosity. There will be trial, and error, and brilliant bottled breakthroughs that start with “What if?” Restless hearts making inspired spirits.

Innovation is nothing new to Midleton, but the new microdistillery has provided the copper canvas for experimentation to run free. The whiskeys coming out of this distillers’ playground provide a new taste from Irish whiskey history.