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From mild-mannered tax accountant to mild-mannered brewer.

Like many good ventures, Modest Beer was born in a parent’s garage when Chris Morris, a tax accountant by day, brewed a small experimental batch of Kölsch for a friend’s restaurant. The beer was a quick success, pleasing man and spreadsheet alike, inspiring both parties to collaborate long term and for Chris to build a proper brewery.

Within two years Modest moved to a much larger brewery in Randalstown.

'We never set out to brew the best beer in Northern Ireland, but maybe someday we will.'

Modest Beer Sweet As #2 NZ Pilsner 5.0% ABV
Modest Beer Daydreaming Of Far Off Lands Juicy and Exotic IPA 5.5% ABV (440ml)
Modest Beer Cloudy Yet Full Of Sunshine NE Pale Ale 4.2% ABV (440ml)

Modest Beer Logo

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