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Montecristo Cigars

History of Montecristo Cigars

Montecristo Cigars was founded in 1935 when Alonso Menendez purchased the Cuban Particulares factory from the makers of the popular Particulares cigar brand and renamed the brand after the cigar rollers’ favourite book ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’. At the time, torcedors would have a book read to them while they worked.

During the Cuban revolution, Montecristo was nationalised, and the brand continued production at the H. Upmann factory. The brand was able to establish itself as one of Cuba’s top lines and is now one of the most popular Cuban cigar brands in the world with a quarter of the market share.

What Do Montecristo Cigars Taste Like?

Montecristo cigars are typically medium-bodied, offering the perfect balance that allows both novice and experienced smokers to enjoy them.

While the specific flavour profiles vary between each cigar, the Montecristo line in general tends to share a natural woody flavour with tasting notes of spice and a signature bitter-sweet tang that makes Montecristo such a distinguished player in the cigar industry.