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'The fermentation project from the team behind Geterbrewed. The aim is to experiment with brewing and blending techniques to bridge the gap between beer and wine, explore historical techniques, and merge with modern equipment to create some unique beers, with time and patience playing a key role in the development.

The main aim of Our Brewery is the fermentation project using historical techniques, quality ingredients and a natural influence from the environment in which they are based. 

Researching and Developing new brewing practices is a driving factor in how Our Brewery approach recipe design. Pushing the boundaries of Fermentation using the finest ingredients that allow them to brew beers that they are passionate about and provides time to develop layers of complexity.'


Our Brewery Light Up Gold - West Coast IPA 4.7%
Our Brewery Any Major Dude - Session IPA 3.8% ABV
Our Brewery Branded Glassware 1/3 Pint

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