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'We’re Vault City, an independent craft brewery and Scotland’s largest sour beer producer. We make heavily fruited, modern sour beers in (sometimes) sunny Portobello, Edinburgh.'

Since 2018, Vault City have focussed on relentless exploration when it comes to brewing. Their house culture and mixed fermentation base beer pair perfectly with real fruit ingredients, and they use literally tonnes of the stuff in their recipes to help push the boundaries of what people would typically expect from a beer.

Vault City set out to modernise a traditional style of brewing with our take on fruited sours. Their modern sour beers have converted even the most stubborn non-beer and traditional beer drinkers, with a mix of accessible and adventurous flavours.

Vault City Fruit Salad Sour 4.4% ABV
Vault City Raspberry Rocky Road Sour 6.2% ABV
Vault City Would I Lychee You? Lychee & Guava Sour 5.8% ABV
Vault City Cloudy Lemonade Sour 4.2% ABV
Vault City Apple Soor Sour 4.5% ABV
Vault City Cocotella Coconut, Chocolate, Hazelnut Imperial Stout 10.0% ABV
Vault City Strawberry Sundae Sour 5.0% ABV
Vault City Love Hearts Session Sour 4.5% ABV

Vault City Logo

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