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Vocation Brewery Craft Beer

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"It’s our people and their passion that makes this our Vocation"

'In 2015 Vocation Brewery was born with one member of staff, a rebuilt chicken shed, and a dog for company.

From humble beginnings, that little brewery on the top of a windy hill has grown to brew over 10 million pints a year sold to 40 countries.

Vocation got there because of the passion and dedication of the 100+ people who work here. After all, a brewery is just another factory making a product.'


Vocation Brewery  Over & Over Small IPA 3.4% ABV
Vocation Brewery  One A Penny, Two A Penny Hot Cross Bun Belgian Dubbel 9.2% ABV
Vocation Brewery  Love & Hate New England IPA 7.2% ABV
Vocation Brewery  Heart & Soul Gluten Free Session IPA 4.4% ABV
Vocation Brewery  Life & Death IPA 6.5% ABV
Vocation Brewery  Hop, Skip & Juice Pale Ale 5.7% ABV
Vocation Brewery  Stormtrooper SNIPA 4.4% ABV *BBD 27/09/23
Vocation Brewery  Stormtrooper Galactic Pale Ale 4.8% ABV
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