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Whiplash begun as a side project for Alan & Alex back in 2016. Both working in brewing already, they rented tanks at the weekend and released single batch small releases for fun from their own place of work and other friend’s breweries around Ireland. Professional beer dudes who were gypsying for fun. Things escalated and by the end of 2017 Whiplash was its very own pain in the neck with the guys going full time, brewing Whiplash beer all over Ireland and Europe. 2019 seen the two complete their brewery build and establish Ballyfermot, Dublin as Whiplash headquarters complete with their own custom designed brewhouse delivering small batches of big beers. Now with a home, a kit and a small crew: Whiplash are very much the Dublin brewery at the forefront of all that’s modern in Irish beer.

Whiplash Embrace The Daylight Cascadian Dark Ale 6.3% ABV *BBD 06/12/23
Whiplash Never Cursed Grisette 4.1% ABV *BBD 08/11/23
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Alex Lawes - Founder, Owner, Brewer
Alan Wolfe - Founder, Owner, Operations

Alan and Alex met while working together at Rye River Brewing Company. Alex a homebrewer with a few steps taken into professional brewing through different previous projects, and Alan - an operations manager coming from a few long stints at large breweries. They built the brewery they were at in break-neck speed but wanted to slow things down a bit with specials. They formed Whiplash as its own company and released a couple of beers in year one to a great reception. 
Being awarded Beer of the Year by Irish consumers, Best Brewery nods from bloggers, Honest Brew's Breakthrough Brewery award and landing in as Ireland's top rated brewery on Untappd was a serious encouragement to take the project full time.

By 2017 both had done just that, leaving behind 24hr shift brewing schedules, meetings in suits and a small part of their minds; for a better and more enjoyable arrangement. Alex doing the brewing, Alan doing the commercials with crossovers wherever they could. 2018 saw them go full time and brewing at facilities across Ireland and Europe and 2019 the announcement of their new brewery in Dublin along with the establishment of Fidelity - Ireland’s best international beer festival. Whiplash beers are now exported to the UK, Italy, Spain, France, Finland and the Netherlands too with more coming up. Quality is always and will always be the focus. Bags of cans the celebrations.