Wonder Box Vol 4. Amundsen Brewery Edition  £85.95

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Vol 4. Amundsen Brewery Edition

This Is a filled with wonderful Amundsen brewery beverages!!

Amundsen Bryggeri is an Oslo-based brewery focused on producing craft beers of the highest quality for the non-conformists out there.

They are the Imperial Pastry Stout Kings but can  prouduce some kickass lip-pucking sours and banging juicy IPA'S!

This case will incude the following:

  • Holy Molé Mudcake w/ Cocoa nibs, Cinnamon and Chipotle Chilies Ultra Imperial Pastry Stout 13.5%  £9.49
  • In Cafruits 2: Mango, Peach & Chocolate Creamsicle Sour 6.5%  £5.59

  • Glazed & Confused 2.0 Double Doughnut Coffee Dream Imperial Pastry Stout 11.5%  £9.49

  • Tall Stack Choc Chip Maple Syrup Covered Pancake Imperial Pastry Stout 11.5%  £9.49

  • Cool Beans Four Bean Imperial Pastry Stout 11.5%  £9.49

  • ZYgoat Chocolate Chip Salted Caramel Imperial Stout 10.5%  £6.99

  • 5 Dessert In a Can Series including Barrel Aged Versions £6.99-£8.99

  • Amundsen Brewery Branded Glassware £5.99

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