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Two Stacks Irish Whiskey

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Two Stacks

Bringing you the best in contemporary Irish Whiskey

Over the past 150 years, the age-old tradition of merchants, grocers & bonders independently blending and bottling whiskey has until recently all but vanished from Ireland. A dying art made unique, by individual craftspeople carefully maturing whiskey in select casks. A trade as rich and historic as Irish whiskey itself. 

Founded in 2020 by Shane McCarthy, Liam Brogan & Donal McLynn with fresh knowledge and new world experience in the globalised world of spirits.

Two Stacks was inspired by the traditions of old and contemporary brands of new. Opening one of Ireland’s only independent bonding & blending facilities in 2022, their ambition is to combine these worlds together.

Two Stacks  Polaris 2.1 – 7YO Single Pot Still – Dry Red Tokaji Finish – 56.5% ABV
Two Stacks  The First Cut Complex Blend 700ml
Two Stacks  Polaris 1.3 – 6YO Blend Malt & Pot Still – Cab Franc Ice Wine – 58.3% 70cl
RRP £39.95
Save 18%
Two Stacks  Single Grain Double Barrel 700ml
Two Stacks  Blenders Cut Cask Strength 700ml
Two Stacks  Double Barrel Single Malt 700ml
RRP £32.50
Save 8%
RRP £69.99
Save 20%
RRP £45.00
Save 15%
Two Stacks  Dram in a Can Single Malt Double Barrel 4 x 100ml
Two Stacks  Dram In A Can 4 x 100ml
Two Stacks  Smoke and Mirrors Peated Stout Single Malt 700ml
RRP £27.99
Save 4%
RRP £22.95
Save 12%
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Two Stacks  The Blender's Cut - Sauternes Cask Strength 63.5% ABV
Two Stacks  The Blender's Cut - Apricot Brandy Cask Strength 63.7% ABV
RRP £99.00
Save 29%

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